Ozark Wilds...Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri


Ozark Wilds is located near Lake of the Ozarks. The waters of Clabber creek bisect the valley of Ozark Wilds, flow into Gravois creek and become part of the Gravois Arm of Lake of the Ozarks less than four miles south. The only waterfalls of Clabber Creek aerate the water while creating great beauty among the hills and hollows of Ozark Wilds.
There are two year around springs and many seasonal springs. One of the springs served white settlers and farmers until WW II. Part of the rock containment basin still exists though gully washer rains cause it to be battered and slowly removed rock by rock. This seemed a shame to Paul Stafford who lived up the valley when a child. His family used the spring when their seasonal spring went dry. He said it was three-quarters of a mile from their place and often two boys were sent the bigger one with a two gallon bucket and the smaller with a one gallon syrup can that had a lid.
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